Welcome to the Projects page,.. this is a page that well hold many future Projects..

Creations that i made,.. and Projects with others.

This site is hosted on :KOLVA-NETworks: , and also all Projects are hosted there.

This site here is linked to my TROFF NETwork but with limited access.

Here you can find more information of my TROFF NETwork and the updated version CRON, the update to my earlier Artificial Knowledge bot TROFF.

TROFF can here be accessed, but with limited function, because the CRON update is special build for use on The Kiosk SlimeLine 17” series model, scrolling this page you well find more information of this Project,.. i restarted this Project after a HardDisk failure, with much damage to my TROFF A.I.

For the moment the Project New version is going good.

Enjoy,.. kindly regards.. Manu

One of my Projects was rebuilding “The Space Paranoids Game” based on the movie TRON from 1982, the game was created to promote the new TRON LEGACY film, short after the launch of the movie Walt Disney, closed the site.. that was END OFF LINE..

But a few years later i found how to rebuild and bring the game back alive,.. but with all new browser versions and certificate problems it was not easy.. the game was on my crashed HardDisk,.. it was hard and many days and hours to rebuild, finally i made a CD version. It’s not made for the latest software and computer updates,.. but its a project that can expand in future.

Enjoy this one ! - Click SPACE PARANOIDS logo at the left

It was not planned, but i made a new online version,.. only the game.. no extra footage, video or extra’s .. one thing.. the version of Walt Disney but with background music and speech to play,.. FREE !! - for more click above..

I put much hours and days  weeks in it, to get it back online and working..

see some pictures below and a demo of the free version, screen captured in lower quality.

Here you have the install procedure, above and again a demo of he playing,.. below..

Below you can access the online version,..




You can get the full version expanded, with some extra’s and future updates,.. see first above posting.. donation is welcome to keep my server online.. Thank you, Regards Manu (Update: Feb 2020)