Here you find the latest UPDATES about this site KOLVA.NET 

Best read from below to up :-) 

- It has been a while, so time to expand and upgrade the site, the music player function is for a time on hold, “My Music :KOLVA:” gets soon update and a video update.

- Some NEW video footage of projects wel be added. The Support on this site is still active.

We invested in NEW material to create and expand future services, the main site intro page stays, for the moment but sub pages wel be added and changed more graphics and video.

- My BOT creation TROFF update CRON, is going to a NEW upgrade more business related platform.

- And i get help from a very good friend, Lady.. Melissa for video and photo production maybe music.. In past we worked together in a Music Group Project.

- So still many things to come - Stay tuned ! ;-)  21 April Wednesday 2021 

In th menu bar above on the first page of the site, there is a new direct link, to my Music Project: “My Music :KOLVA:” there you find music creations for me and downloads.

- New Updates: The Music player option we installed is only working on Safari browsers, Firefox and Chrome is not supporting this script programming. Maybe going to see for a new music engine..

- We added a Music Player option, you find it above the site right to About KOLVA-NET, 

named M-Player,  a small extra thing, ones activated it plays while you visit the site, you have a sound bar above each internet page to pause or stop the music, (ignore the download option, because using the service to play this online, integrate it in my site is not full free of cost, many services ask 129$ a month for streaming music !! , i made my own system.. ) its mora a test,..  for the moment it contains a demo playlist from SoundCloud compatible and can use playlists from Spotify, I am going to put a playlist on with own selection, and in future use this system for own created music.

If the module plays while visiting the site, and you return to the M-Player page it can happen that site navigation is out of order, still working on it.. then use your browser previous option to return to previous page, some small bug.. there is always something :-) 

- The chatroom is active, you can login registered or login as guest, webcam broadcast can be done, posting text and pictures, normally the option youtube video sending is available, but i think of user restriction this function is not optimal working. This option is not really needed i can integrate in future a video help function. Info demo is being created to show the standard functions of the chatroom. To enter chatroom scroll the end of the home page, or use at the home page above left the shortcut menu 4u2.support - chatroom. For info about the use of the chatroom, you need to enter 4u2.support, see also shortcut menu and contact thumbnail.

- One other thing: The site 4u2.Support is being closed, all is integrated now in this Network.

- Our online Support for stage Audio Visual Concept is, also integrated in this Network, for this, you need to to visit on the home page, >Projects< (Still Under Construction, but on 4U2.SUPPORT you can already ask support around Blade Industries.  And more..)

- Next to do, help function for 4U2.SUPPORT and information about the chatroom (incase needed,.. 

  this chatroom is financial integration for me, so i am still seeing, if it is needed.. stays in BETA -

 version) . Maybe i transfer it, to the TROFF-Network integrated with a blog system, for users/ 

 visitors to post. - and for problems with FONTS not good layout, we need to follow the standards , 

 for the moment. Thats the future internet, if we want it or not..

- So long i live, KOLVA.NET stays online

- Ones working, i put the whole platform offline from the internet, installed on the KIOSK, with only

  CRON being used as connection to the internet.

- And creating on KOLVA.NET a new study platform, new TROFF network, with a upgraded Bot.

- I am giving my TROFF Bot a upgrade called CRON.

- My KIOSK creation is still working for Arcade and game use,.. The network is for the moment out of

  order… For this i am doing migration of the whole platform to KOLVA.NET standards

- My KIOSK creation TROFF network is still working, but with the special version of OSX Snow 

 Leopard operating system, i created, the BOT TROFF is not longer active,.. 

- Font issue is known, we are building on the latest internet browser language for the internet, also giving problems to migrate the whole TROFF network, to todays standard,.. the same problem with the TROFF Bot, its again working under newer operating systems and browser standards.

- Did a site test on older versions of OSX system,.. layer compatibility on Safari Browser, tested on 

 Snow Leopard OSX, not working good, FONT Problem, is known.. also under windows platform. 

- TROFF Bot server is updated, not longer compatible with older browser versions. That is not our

 fault. :(

- Finally finished the 4u2.support form, working ! for extended support.

- Added new background pattern on home page

- 12 march added this UPDATES page

- 11 march 2019, added on top of home page at the center: About KOLVA.NET  - credit info

- created the 4u2.support page, for request support help

- added on home page, short info movie about site use (see right top corner home page)

- added short cut menu, on request of tester (see left above page)

- chatroom login not ready for standard visitor (Update comes)

- created a chatroom for use under 4u2.support (see end of home page) 

- video problems solved

- building all different video pages (problems playing in web browsers)

- building graphics - added video page with already created videos from Kolva Visuals.

- Added for test - direct link to BOT system TROFF, see TROFF logo at entry site.

- Added body structure with options to navigate on page.

- 20 february 2019 - first creation of this version, starting site layout.

latest update in red color