Ano 2009 - Der Klinke: Chesko, Melissa, Manu

Ano 2018 - Der Klinke: Marco, Chesko, Hazy, Sarah, Sam.

In 2009 DJ Chesko asked me to join him to make a video for a music clip called “Castle in the Dark”, a Music groups name was born Der Klinke, here you can see the videos i made for Der Klinke, with the music created by DJ Chesko Geert Vandekerkhof, the Der Klinke Logo is the older version. - In 2018 its 10 years that Der Klinke is making music. Me and Chesko are good friends, i am not longer making videos (sometimes only filming) for Der Klinke, still i help him with his other projects. - The videos are non-professional, it was fun and we had good times making them. The videos here are only for viewing. - Video by KOLVA VISUALS - MUSIC by DJ CHESKO - Melissa Vandewalle.

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Note: Lower your volume, smartphone recordings, 3 Clips. Thanks Melissa V.

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> Castle in the Dark - (The first created video and beta version) - and dedicated to Georges Casteleyn (Statue, in the video, family grave.)

Our friend Georges left us.. we wel always remember you.. ( Born 05/08/1964 and passed away 16/03/2019 ).

> Clearmind - (Normally the first music number of Der Klinke)

> Surrender - (filmed on a very cold day)

> You -

> The Voice -

> Radio - (filmed on the hottest day of that summer)

> The Game -

> Back to Nature -

> In Flames -

> In Flames - about The Doll

> The Doll -

> 2025 - (Instrumental Castle in the Dark) The story continue’s, the mystery of The Castle, updated version.

“One Note: , 10 years Der Klinke, latest Album March 2019 “Decade”, good Album.. Shame like in all groups things go wrong, just before the release of the Clip ‘Radio’, Melissa left the band.. with reason.. original members Chesko, Melissa and me started ‘Der Klinke’, but it was Melissa that had some music numbers in mind, she shared it with Chesko, Chesko worked the numbers off, one night he asked me for a video idea he had in mind, and in short time after few video clips, we had much positive reactions, it was fun, the music the video clips.. But ‘Der Klinke’ needed to upgrade.. Marco joined us, and the same moment, the well known group ‘Red Zebra” had also a breakdown, a split.. 

Because we are friends, i know Chesko wanted Sam and Hazy from Red Zebra to join ‘Der Klinke’, after some not positive communications between me and Chesko, i decided to leave as member ‘Der Klinke’, the time i decided this was allready a message in the clip ‘Radio’ - see the numbers 12:48:58, hidden message. Short after Melissa left.

One year.. later we had a talk,… and doing together other things buying vintage retro stuff.. and more, and me still doing videos, i made the video clip ‘The Game’ for ‘Der Klinke’, and a few more.. 

not as member. Later Melissa did her singing in some new numbers and also on stage life with ‘Der Klinke’. I always supported Chesko. As friend, and also giving my support in new numbers he made. Not only me also his band members.

‘Der Klinke’ has grown, Chesko put much, i can say 100% of himself in it.

The original start is forgotten, i know the new band members wanted a new start, another direction,.. ‘Decade’ is good, but for me and melissa not 10 years, 8 years. All that remembers the start, the first period.. understands what i am saying.

‘Der Klinke’ is doing good, and go forward, make new albums.”

“It was fun and we had good times making the videos.”

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> Castle in the Dark - (The first created video and beta version) - and dedicated to Georges Casteleyn (Statue, in the video, family grave.).. Georges left us,.. he said to me one day, if the grave is removed,  you get the statue, we laughed in how to remove that statue, so big and heavy.. I had good moments with Georges and his Nons, his dogs like he called them.. Always remember you.. ( Born 05/08/1964 and passed away 16/03/2019 ).