- Here is an absolute exclusivity ... Patrick Codenys and Jean-Luc Demeyer, known from FRONT 242, had their own group "Underviewer" between 1978 and 1981, which merged to Front 242 in 1982. Since then they have only acted as Underviewer, and have redone it once for SEAWAVE III!

- The sound of Underviewer is the very first analogue synthesizer sound, minimal, intimate and subdued. On the first album under Front 242 "Geography" there are songs like "Kampfbereit" which belong to the oeuvre of Underviewer.

The camera man of FRONT 242 had a failure on his camera, and I had the chance to record it. !!

Video 12/09/2012

        *This concert was filmed at SEA WAVE III, for more info contact:

Chesko Geert Vandekerkhof from Der Klinke - www.derklinke.be

SEA WAVE is no longer organizing concerts.

I had the chance to film this, Patrick Codenys and Jean Luc -Demeyer their first own group “Underviewer”, 

before FRONT 242

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