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In 1995, i created my :KOLVA-NETworks, giving information about the creation of Arpanet, the start of the internet. I created a portal to all kind of sites, this was the period of free downloading and much more, hosting sites, mail boxes and more.. 

Time changed, the internet also.. I kept giving support for Apple Computers. Started to collect vintage computers. And with “Twix” good friend, we started Blade Industries: audio visual support for.. concerts, party’s.. I did also onstage support with “Chesko” good friend for his 3 Music groups.  Enough hobby’s, bad health changed much. 

Still trying to make the best of it. Creating and building.

“ My name is Manu also known as Kolva, .. from studies, I am a graphic designer. I also did photography and multimedia design, my hobby was mainly around computer use .. and site construction around various projects .. I am ex- Apple technician, and in later life I have done Cisco Network management. - At the moment I am mainly concerned with video editing, site construction, Artificial Intelligence and visuals and music. And I love vintage computers and electronics. “


KOLVA-NETworks, is all about different projects, from support to building and creating ideas. Here you find more information about.. Blade Industries, 4U2 Support and my Artificial Intelligence creation TROFF. And much more..

Here you find a collection of video footage, self created videos and videos, where i only did the filming.

The Hardware that i use for the moment:

- Sony Handycam NEX-VG10 with large sensor interchangeable-lens video camera.

- Apple Macbook Pro 17 inch for editing the video with backup support Mac Mini with cinema display.

The video software i use:

- Final Cut Pro



Artificial Intelligence








More to come..


Video & Site Projects, Visuals.. Sound..