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From the first photo shop on the coast in 1933 to a company of about 80 multimedia shops throughout Belgium
Photo Hall is born in 1933 with the opening of a small shop in Blankenberge for the sale of film and that photographers send to the beach. This has a great success and soon to be, twenty stores opened on the Belgian coast.

In 1970 Photo Hall has 12 stores in Brussels and 20 seasonal stores on the coast.

Spector Photo Group NV acquires in 1996 Photo Hall. The relationship between the two companies and the synergies lie mainly in the field of photographic finish.

From 1998 to decide Photo Hall in Luxembourg to develop with the acquisition of 11 stores Hifi International that counts, active in the field of audio, TV, computers and mobile phones.

On May 1, 2012 counts the Photo Hall group 98 stores:

- In Belgium (Photo Hall Multimedia): 78 stores including 3 gefranchiseerden and 1 e-commerce site

- In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Hifi International): 15 stores and 1 e-commerce site

The Photo Hall Group is active in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with local shops.

In the various countries where the Group is present Photo Hall, one holds it open stores in areas where they do not present with sufficient commercial potential. The current trend is to the shops to move from the center to the suburbs and shoppings. Our customers thus benefit from more "comfort" in front of the center with its files and scarce, expensive parking.

One of the strengths of the Photo Hall Group, this proximity, nowadays more and more sought after by customers.

The development of the electronics market in the last 2 decades and the place of Photo Hall in the (r) evolution.
The Consumer Electronics (market electronics products for the general public) in the years several evolutions, even revolutions. Photo Hall has these shifts always with success and even anticipated its customers to enjoy all of these new technologies.

Since the early 90s, the massive computing made its entrance to the general public. The big breakthrough came at the end of the 90s thanks to the internet and today is the computer, often portable, indispensable in every family for both work and communication, play and manage all digital files (photos, video , music). In Belgium, 80% of the families a PC, the majority of which is connected to the Internet.

The photo, which formed the basis of Photo Hall, made a decade ago a major shift in its history by gradually switch from analog to digital. Photo Hall, with rich experience in photo and computer has this change can follow the customers the best advice that they should expect from a specialist.

In 1994 Photo Hall the first mobile phones in the market which is our way of communication in a revolutionary way would change. In 2010, in Belgium, more than 4 million mobile phones sold. Given the continuous innovations change the Belgian average all 18 months of GSM what this market one of the most dynamic of the sector.

The TV market has also evolved tremendously. Again, the digitizing the analog overtaken. Not only because of the DVD and now Blu-Ray, but also thanks to the digital TV which has been introduced (via Belgacom TV, Telenet, Voo). This improvement of the image quality, the consumer is encouraged to continue to require larger screens, provided with an exceptional image resolution. The flat screens (LCD, LED and Plasma) today completely replaced the old TV's on the shelves of Photo Hall. In Belgium, already 75% of households have a flat screen and this rises exponentially.

Photo Hall also offers its customers a range of products that facilitate or accompany their life in their spare time: MP3 players, GPS, video cameras, portable DVD. Since 2010, the tablets (iPad and others) found their place on the shelves of the shops.

Through its presence in these markets, Photo Hall guarantees its clients the advice of a specialist chain and the absolutely necessary diversity in this age of digital convergence.

The uniqueness of Photo Hall consists of its number of stores, the availability of trained salespeople for the latest technologies and the large number of services offered, including the cost formula of hire purchase her clients decades attracts.

In Memory of Photo Hall (2012)
1933-2012 (28-11-2012)

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