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History info about :KOLVA-NETworks:

KOLVA-NETworks first site platform officially was created in 2005, based on my early Mac4me site (2000)
it expanded with network services, based around the Apple Computer platform.

Finally the platform expanded hosting sites from others and working together creating new projects.

:KOLVA-NETworks: was also a private network, making it more mystery to others, for this also the special pictures and logo's around it.

This upgrade version of this site, is more compatible to mobile devices.

And has some extra build in features, explore the site and contact me, if you find errors.

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:KOLVA-NETworks: was also a portal, to other sites and hidden sites, bringing you the best of the internet.

It had a password protected acces unit linking to free software and music and video.

Today the free section of music, video and software is closed. This for legal law against data(software) piracy.

The network is now used to host sites, pages on request of users, and is a platform for new projects.

The Skull logo was used for my project "Bunker" that i started around 1995 was based upon the research,
the origin of the internet, the creation of it, the military platform Arpanet(Advance Research Project AgencyNETwork) and a piece of history at the period of world war II: the network created by IBM and the nazi's.

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The logo stands for knowledge and solutions, the human mind.

- If you have ideas or projects and you need help about networks and computer use, to make your own site, we are open to help you to host it.

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The original DGA Logo, 1987-2013
(in 2013 a certified stamp)
its a protection label for all given services:

- My Computer Support
- My Retro Computer Collection
(Ones i Sell it ;)
- My hosting Services
- My Project Support

This stamp is a warranty and service protection.*
*(It needs certified document for valid use)

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